Our Story

Luiza and Irina

We started Broth by Design
in the kitchen!

We are two great friends, sharing the same big passion for well being and nutritious living!


Taking upon a worthy challenge to blend the highest quality grass-fed Bone Broth with delicious tastes, we crafted a nutritional mix you would like to enjoy over and over!


Our golden standard is the Chicken Soup we grew up with, prepared by our Grandmas in the winter to keep us warm and healthy.


We wanted to bring to you the same feeling of comfort and joy as you sip our Broths, just like Proust’s memory-laden madeleine cakes.

Taste Matters!

Guided by our slogan – “Taste Matters” we pursue our mission of creating innovative superfoods that all ages can enjoy for optimal health benefits!


We didn’t cut any corners in our commitment to deliver Broth By Design, and ‘OK’ was never good enough! We went through countless formulations and tasting sessions, changes of suppliers and partners to craft the delicious nutritional mixes.


We thank you greatly for being on this journey with us. Your comments, cheering and support is our biggest inspiration and motivation of all.

Luiza and Irina,

Co-founders of Broth By Design

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Broth by Design is an authentic brand, respectful of and close to nature, with a human touch behind. The concept is leveraging nature’s goodness to benefit modern and active lifestyles!

Meet the Co-founders

Dr. Luiza Petre

Co-founder of Broth By Design, Board Certified Cardiologist and Nutrition Expert 

Dr. Petre is currently appointed as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Cardiology at The Mount Sinai School of Medicine. She is an active Fellow of the American College of Cardiology (FACC), frequent TV guest and Medical Wellness Contributor.


She had a point of reflection and her philosophy of life changed when a 22-year-old patient, mother of an infant, died from obesity-related cardiac complications. Recognizing that heart disease, diabetes and other potentially fatal diseases stem from obesity, she expanded her practice to integrative health and wellness. She now manages five Medi-Weightloss Clinics in New York and Connecticut.


Dr. Petre has always been on the lookout for alternative protein sources. She realized how Bone Broth is easily tolerated, and has high collagen content among many other superfood benefits. Her health and nutritional expertise, combined with Irina’s business acumen, made the perfect team to create Broth By Design.

Irina Peterson

Co-founder of Broth By Design, with extensive experience in Finance and Wealth Management

irina peterson

Irina Peterson worked for over two decades in wealth management, assisting some of the world’s most successful business individuals in managing their finances. As such, she learned a lot about what it takes to build a business, how decisions are made, and the concept of entrepreneurship.


Having lost her parents and other close members of her family to fatal illnesses, Irina has been preoccupied with health and wellbeing. Being healthy and investing in prevention has been essential to her for a very long time.


By deeply understanding the healing power of Bone Broth, combined with Dr. Petre’s health and nutritional expertise, Irina revived her entrepreneurial spirit and began perfecting a recipe that’s beyond nutritious and delicious to create Broth By Design.


Her passion grows with each person who is healed through this ancient superfood.


Cheddar TV

March 2020

Dr. Luiza Petre, Board Certified Cardiologist and Nutrition Expert, a Co-Founder of Broth By Design, speaks about the facts and myths related to Coronavirus.


A great interview on Cheddar TV continuing the battle on misinformation. We all need accuracy and honesty to avoid panic. Watch the video to learn more.

Fox News

January 2020

A wonderful interview on “The wellness trends to try or skip in 2020” from one of our founders, cardiologist, and nutrition expert Dr. Luiza Petre.


In this interview, she breaks down the latest trends to help you achieve your New Year’s health and fitness resolutions. Watch the video and find out more!

resident magazine broth by design


November 2019

“When compared to other bone broth products on the market, Broth by Design is unique as it comes in powder form that is available in a 14 oz, 21 portion jar as well as in individual sachet pockets, which makes the healthy broth perfect for the busy on-the-go mentality of today’s society.”

resident magazine cover
luiza petre and irina peterson with forbs cover


May/June 2019

Broth by Design was featured in Forbes in May/June 2019 Grand Prix edition regarding our a modern-day version of Grandma’s chicken soup in a cup!


We are proud that Forbes recognizes our great potential.

forbs cover

Advisory Board

Eric Somnolet, MBA

Eric Somnolet is an international marketing and business leader with a unique mix of consumer and healthcare sales expertise. Having worked for over a decade at Nestlé as General Manager in various countries and in his last position in charge of the North American Nutrition Division, he led transformational change through business integrations and growth acceleration. Eric channels now through consulting his vast experience, he is passionate about building and growing businesses.

Elizabeth Park

Elizabeth Park is a top executive with a progressive 25 years career, building brand, and marketing strategy in the beauty industry. In her previous position as Executive Vice President of Marketing for North America for Elizabeth Arden Inc, she worked directly with leaders across multiple business units, as sales, creative, e-commerce and external retail partners. Elizabeth is now consulting as senior advisor on projects related to the beauty space, providing a vast array of marketing and sales services.

Alberto Villoldo, PhD

Alberto Villoldo Ph.D. is a psychologist, medical anthropologist and acclaimed author, writing primarily in the field of neo-shamanism. Having devoted 25 years of study to the healing practices of the Amazon and Andean shamans, he is teaching people how to grow new bodies through energy medicine and nutrition. He is the founder of the Four Winds Society, an organization dedicated to bridging ancient traditions with modern medicine and psychology.

Julia Sutton

President and CoFounder of Exhale, a wellbeing destination with locations all across the United States, offering award-winning boutique fitness classes and spa therapies curated to help people meet their health goals. A veteran of the fitness, spa, and wellness industry. She completed the OPM program at Harvard Business School and belongs to several groups (COO network, American College of Sports Medicine, and HBSCNY). She sits on the Manhattan College Business School board. She enjoys hiking, running and biking, and taking Exhale classes.

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