Luiza and Irina

We started Broth by Design in the kitchen!

Two great friends, with a passion for well being and nutritious living!

We took upon a worthy challenge, to blend the best quality grass-fed bone broth, with delicious tastes creating products you would want to have over and over!

Our gold standard was our grandmothers chicken soups in the winter, which kept us warm and healthy!

We wanted to awaken in you the same emotion of comfort and enjoyment while you sip our bone broth products, just like Proust’s memory-laden madeleine cakes.

We didn’t cut any corners in our commitment to deliver our delicious liquid gold nutrient. ’Okay’ was never good enough. We’ve gone through countless formulations and tasting sessions, changed suppliers and partners until we got it right!

That’s how our slogan “Taste matters!” was born. And we are always improving, little by little.

We have exciting new products in the pipeline and we thank you greatly for being on this journey with us!

Your comments and cheering encourage us and keep us humble too! We are grateful for your trust in buying our products and we are committed to always deliver on our promise!

Luiza and Irina
Founders of Broth by Design

Broth by Design is an authentic brand, respectful of and close to nature, with a human touch behind. The concept is leveraging nature’s goodness and concoct special ingredients to offer functional benefits.