Ok, you are busy. Work, family, new possibilities, are often a top priority. Healthy eating?
Who has the time!? You run down to the cafeteria, grab the easiest and quickest thing to eat, and run back to the office for a working lunch. Even when you get home, you probably are so tired you just call up the usual takeout. Who’s to blame you. After all, you don’t feel hunger anymore. This kind of lifestyle takes its toll on your overall health, either through weight gain, lost energy, or both. But it’s never too late to change our habits and start living a quality life.

Keto and Paleo fans know that whenever they share the basics of their diets with other people, at least one out of 5 people inevitably asks “But, what do you actually eat? Is that enough of everything? What about calcium?” Don’t get us wrong. These are legitimate questions. However, this doesn’t mean that only people on a diet should have to answer them. Taking a step back, the state of the matter is that for the better part of the US population, nutritional supplementation is a necessity, not a dieting fad.

Who makes the best dishes?
We bet that the first person that popped in your mind is your dear grandmother! Grandmas have one secret ingredient that they use in all of their recipes, and that’s LOVE!
Nothing can compare to this love, warmth, and compassion that she has for you and the entire family. The same love that is shown through everything she creates. A delicious meal that can make even your worst days better is just one of the ways you know she lives you.