Bone Broth: Is It Good for You?

Bone Broth: Is It Good for You?

Health and nutrition have become a popular battleground in the war for consumer attention. With so much conflicting information about what you should and shouldn’t eat, it’s no wonder people end up confused about how to make better food choices. Is there a quick and easy way to make an easy meal without feeling concerned about nutrition?

Indeed, there is. Bone broth can be a fast, filling, and nutritious meal supplement. Easy to sip or add a wide variety of soups, sauces, stews and more, bone broth done right can be beneficial to your body health and wellness in myriad ways.

Bone Broth – Your Shortcut to Nutritional Eating

Building a healthy meal can be frustrating, especially when you’re on the go. You want to include all the nutrients your body needs without taking in too many calories or unhealthy fats, but you’re also short on time so you need fast and easy. No one understands this better than the medical professionals working on the frontline of health.

Broth by Design is a company whose founding principle is that good nutrition should be easy to get and was created by a Board Certified Cardiologist and Nutrition Expert. Bone broth is good for you and a great supplement to healthy eating for many reasons. 

The Benefits of Bone Broth

Bone broth has many benefits that help improve your overall well-being. These include:

Gastrointestinal Health Support

Scientists are discovering the tremendous role our gut biomes play in regards to human health. Eating foods that promote a healthy digestive system can have a profound effect on your overall vitality.

Immune System Boost 

Your immune system is best equipped to fight illness when it has sufficient, high-quality fuel. Bone broth contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and electrolytes which all promote a vigorous immune system.

Bone Strengthening 

Strong bones able to replenish their strength become more important as we age. Bone broth is an excellent source of minerals that are vital in keeping your skeletal structure strong and your bones resilient.

Supports Glowing Hair and Strong Nails 

Eating well isn’t only about feeling your best. It also contributes to looking your best and being confident in your appearance. Due to its high collagen content, bone broth is an effective way to improve the strength of your nails and give your hair a gorgeous glow.

Heart and Brain Benefits 

A strong body and strong mind go together like bone broth and good health. The powerful nutrition packed into just a single serving of bone broth helps to support the maintenance of your brain and heart health.

Inflammation Reduction

Inflammation happens, through the rigors of exercise, the natural process of growing older, as a reaction to food and environmental triggers, and a number of other causes. Bone broth contains powerful inflammation-fighting agents which promote healing.

Convenient Nutrition Everywhere You Go

Eating at home offers you the greatest opportunity to create nutritious meals that meet all your daily requirements, but what about when you’re away? You need options for days when your schedule takes you from class to class, meeting to meeting, or activity to activity without a chance to prepare a balanced lunch. With convenient and portable packaging options available, bone broth is easy to carry, use, and enjoy. 

A cup of warm water is all you need to have an easy-to-sip snack that can keep you going for hours. No need to compromise with fast food or a preservative-heavy frozen meal. Bone broth has complete proteins and vitamins and minerals your body requires.


There’s no question bone broth is good for you, and is convenient, too. Available in a variety of delicious and nutritious flavor options, Broth by Design is a savory way to up your nutrition game and start sipping your way to a healthier you!

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