Why You Should Jump on the Bone Broth Trend

Why You Should Jump on the Bone Broth Trend

Are you often the first to try the latest viral nutrition trend? Or are you more the skeptic who waits until the reviews are in before checking out the most popular health and wellness products? Whether you’re the first or the last, the important thing is finding the right health and nutrition foods to support your individual and unique lifestyle. When it comes to bone broth, you’ll want to jump on this bandwagon and start enjoying the benefits, here’s why:

Time-Tested Media Favorite

Bone broth continues to make headlines again and again as the “modern-day version of Grandma’s chicken soup in a cup.” In a perfect world, we’d all have time to hand-source our own organic ingredients and slow simmer an immune supporting bone broth to completion. Impractical in today’s modern world, users can’t get enough of ready-made and portable bone broth options that can be easily incorporated into today’s “on the go” lifestyle, while providing the same warmth and comfort it has for centuries. Making headlines at Forbes, FOX News, Resident Magazine, and CNN, specially formulated Broth by Design leads the industry in feel-good, taste-good nutrition trends people simply can’t stop talking about.

Noteworthy and Reliable Nutritional Benefits

Bone broth has often been called an “ancient superfood,” known equally for what is, and what isn’t in the broth itself. Bone broth shouldn’t have excess fats, salts, or fillers. A good nutrient boasting broth should be sugar-free, gluten-free, and fit many different dietary needs. Broth by Design bone broth contains building blocks for a healthy body like glucosamine, chondroitin, calcium, and magnesium. Glycine can help promote sleep while collagen helps support healthy skin and aging. Glutamine can assist in reducing inflammation in your body, promoting better “gut health,” known to have health benefits that reach far outside the gut. 

Eliminating the “bad stuff” from, and adding more of the “good stuff” to your diet is why bone broth has always been more than just a trend or fad.

The Broth by Design Difference

Broth by Design offers a different take on the bone broth experience by allowing you to take your bone broth anywhere. With single-serving concentrate packets, you can take and enjoy your broth anywhere, just add water! Broth by Design is made with the quality ingredients and nutrients needed to provide you with health benefits of bone broth, offering both vegan Green Broth and different meat-based options to satisfy even the pickiest palates with the numerous health supporting benefits in every sip. Choose between plant protein or animal protein as preferred to fit your nutritional goals.

Guided by co-founder and Board Certified Cardiologist and Nutrition Expert Dr. Luiza Petre, you can rest assured that nutrition is only matched by taste in this product design.


Bone broth might be a viral trend, but it’s a trend for a reason. Talked about in the media, bone broth is lauded as a simple solution for adding healthy nutrition to your daily routine. With Broth by Design, you get fast and portable no-cook solutions delivered directly to your door. Numerous nutritional benefits simply add to the many reasons bone broth can be beneficial for many different dietary needs, including those that want to reduce sugar, gluten or carbs. 

Bone Broth by Design offers a unique and educated take on the bone broth trend with single-serving sachets designed by a certified cardiologist and nutrition expert with both vegan and standard dietary options. As for the taste, don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself today!

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