What to Look for in a Vegan Protein Powder

What to Look for in a Vegan Protein Powder

Whether you’re an athlete trying to fit more protein into a rigorous muscle-building schedule or a busy individual in search of an easy meal, protein powder offers a plethora of nutritional benefits in one convenient package. Choosing the right protein powder for you among the many available options can be difficult and confusing. Vegans have an added challenge as they search for the perfect protein powder – one made of complete, plant-based protein that leaves behind fillers, additives, and sweeteners which can have unfortunate side effects.

How do you go about choosing a vegan protein powder that will meet your needs? HIghlighted here are some considerations which can help with your selection:

Do You Need a Protein Powder?

In most cases, if you’re looking for protein powder, there’s an underlying reason which prompted you to do so. In an ideal world, vegans would get all the nutrients and protein they need from a well-planned, varied diet, but real-world situations are seldom so kind. That’s where protein supplements come in.

Vegans may especially have trouble consuming all the protein they need in the morning, as most traditional breakfast foods rely on meats, eggs, and dairy. Without properly laying the foundation for steady blood sugar and energy, you may fall prey to carb cravings later in the day. Protein powders can provide an easy way to remedy this shortfall.

Athletes can also relate to the struggle of adequate protein intake as they know how difficult it can be to take in what they need to continue to build muscle and keep it healthy. Achieving 75 to 150 grams of protein on a plant-based diet can present a tremendous challenge without a supplement to help. Especially for athletes training for an event, protein powder can play an important role in daily nutrition.

How to Choose a Vegan Protein Powder

Most protein powders use whey or casein as their primary ingredient. This puts them off-limits for vegans since both are derived from animal sources. For plant-based eaters, the primary sources of protein in supplemental powders are soy powder, brown rice powder, and pea powder.

  • Soy protein provides a complete protein, meaning it includes all essential amino acids that the body requires but can’t make on its own. However, soy can be difficult to digest and may cause you unpleasant digestive issues at inconvenient moments. It can also cause an allergic reaction in soy sensitive users.


  • Brown rice protein offers those with sensitive stomachs an easily digested option. It has a far lower protein content than other options, and is mainly beneficial for those in need of a protein powder that’s easy on the stomach.


  • Pea protein is shown to deliver similar benefits to whey protein. It has large amounts of all but one amino acid, in addition to a high protein content per serving. Better still, it includes branch-chain amino acids, which promote muscle repair and minimize the degradation of muscle.

Most athletes choose a pea powder option for their protein powder.

Ingredients for Success

It’s important to read the label when choosing your vegan protein powder. Not only should you inspect the nutritional information, but you should ensure all the ingredients match what you are looking for. Ingredient terms/phrases to look out for might include:

  • Animal-based products
  • No or low added sugar
  • Low amounts of artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols, which can cause digestive issues
  • Added fibers, such as inulin, if you find these cause you digestive issues


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