Can Bone Broth Help Recovery After Intense Exercise?

Can Bone Broth Help Recovery After Intense Exercise?

If you are into your health and follow holistic healing content, you probably have already heard about the many benefits of bone broth. It’s well known that it’s great for cooking, but today, more people are using it for a variety of potential health benefits. What may be lesser known because it’s a benefit that isn’t mentioned as often, is how bone broth can help athletes recover after going hard in the gym or on field.

What is Bone Broth?

For anyone who is less familiar, bone broth is a liquid that is made when you simmer the bones of chicken, fish, pork or beef over a long process of time. Because it is slowly simmered, all of the good vitamins, amino acids and minerals are released into the broth, making it a powerfully nutritious substance that people use to cure a wide range of ailments, including gastronomic issues and depression. Bone broth also contains all the collagen from the bones, so plenty of people choose to use it in hopes of boosting its skin beauty benefits, too.

But, can bone broth help recovery after exercise? Not surprisingly, the answer is yes.

How Bone Broth Benefits Recovery

For athletes, or anyone who likes to perform intense exercise, specially formulated bone broth based Boost Brothy Mary supports many benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Replenishing Sodium and Electrolytes
  • Improving Joint Health
  • Providing Anti-Inflammatory Benefits
  • Improving Digestion
  • Improving Immunity, and More


Replenishing Sodium and Electrolytes

When you do an intense workout, your body sweats and loses a lot of water plus sodium. If you have ever played sports, you know that products like Gatorade are used in an effort to replenish that water and sodium a body loses during activity. The secret is electrolytes, and just like Gatorade, Boost Brothy Mary contains a wealth of electrolytes and sodium, but without any of the harmful sugars, helping to promote recovery. With Guarana for mental clarity and Ginger for energy, this special broth was developed to help recover from hangovers, but does the trick for recovering athletes too.

Helping Maintain Joint Health 

More than for beauty, collagen is needed to support joint health. In fact, the older you get, the more your body stops producing the collagen your joints need. This makes your joints vulnerable to sports injuries. Consuming bone broth regularly can assist in replenishing the collagen your joints need. The great thing about bone broth is that it also contains gelatin, which is a nutrient your body doesn’t get from other foods. Gelatin is great for promoting your joints glide better.

Anti-inflammatory Benefits

When you overdo exercise, your body can become inflamed. It’s how the body responds to any injury.  Bone broth provides amino acids that can assist in reducing inflammation, helping the body recover faster from intense activity.  

Improving Digestion

High performing athletes often put a lot of stress on their digestive tract. Especially when performing activities like long-distance running or training for an event. Bone broth has been proven to help promote digestive health and can help keep an athlete’s gut healthier.

Immunity Benefits

Bone broth offers a lot of benefits to the immune system, which also can be stressed by high level activity. Your body can’t perform or recover its best when you are sick, and bone broth is a good preventative measure in attempting to boost your immunity to help you stay healthy during intense exercise and recovery.


So in short, the answer to the question about bone broth and recovery is: yes, bone broth is an excellent — and often delicious —option to recoup fluid balance. Bone Broth by Design has a variety of high quality, grass-fed options that can keep both athletes and non-athletes at the top of their game. A fantastic addition to your favorite recipe and offering a long shelf life, this savory sippable solution is available in individually wrapped portable sachets and ships straight to your door, making it the clear choice in recovery!

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