Why You Should Reap the Powerful Health Benefits of Bone Broth

Why You Should Reap the Powerful Health Benefits of Bone Broth

It feels like there’s a new superfood touted by the media every year, supporting the idea that one small dietary change can make a huge difference. In the case of bone broth, what rose to become a viral conversation is more than just a fad. This powerful combination of vitamins, minerals, and hydration packs a surprising nutritional “punch” too. Learn why people are still talking about the benefits of bone broth and how you can reap the benefits of this lasting favorite superfood in this quick read.

Benefits of Bone Broth

Bone broth is the part of a soup simmered down and slow-cooked, yet strained of extra solid foods like vegetables and, of course, bones. The result is a nutrient-packed liquid with five main benefits. Bone broth has been shown to help support gut health and digestion as well as aid in improving the quality of sleep. Bone broth has benefits to help your body including encouraging bone and joint health and also promoting healthier skin and complexion. 

And when it comes to diet and nutrition, Bone Broth by Design offers a flavor-filled sippable option that’s also portable, low in calories, and compatible with both keto and paleo diet rules.

Board Certified Cardiologist & Nutrition Expert Dr. Luiza Petre has watched these results in action and believes in the benefits of this superfood she co-developed for Broth by Design, which benefits may include the promotion, support, and/or maintenance of:

  • Improved Gut Health
  • More Youthful Skin
  • Flexible Joints and Strong Bones
  • Better Sleep
  • Boosted Mood 


Bone Broth’s Secret Ingredients

How could there be so many benefits of bone broth? It’s all about the secret ingredients in this soup. Animal bones contain not just protein and fat but also the cartilage of grass-fed beef. This cartilage is packed full of glucosamine, chondroitin, calcium, and magnesium PLUS glycine proline and hyaluronic acid. What this can mean for your bones and joints is improved movement and flexibility. These joint-builders can be extra necessary for both aging people and athletes because the benefits of bone broth are so highly important to movement and mobility.

Amino acids like Glutamine and glucosamine are the keys to both better digestion and also better sleep. While it’s not quite the same sleepy and stuffed feeling you get post-Thanksgiving turkey, the benefits of bone broth may help to ease your digestion and better relax you into sleep. Nutritionists love the fact that these key ingredients work without requiring that 2000+ calorie meal to achieve the results.

Bone Broth Tastes Good

Yet one more benefit of bone broth is simply that it can taste really good when made from quality organic ingredients. It’s surprising how much flavor can be packed into a single spoonful. Bone broth recipes can vary to match your favorite home-cooked food flavors. The perfect companion to a book on a cool Fall day book ready for that first fall day, Bone Broth by Design offers three flavors reminiscent of Grandma’s Famous Chicken soup or a Spicy Tomato soup, minus that high calories grilled cheese. Vegetable Bouillon is a popular option that helps incorporate fresh flavors like parsley and soup staple celery. And now thanks to modern technology, we can enjoy bone broth on the go instead of waiting for the soup to simmer all day. Bone Broth by Design is dehydrated and has a long shelf life and is offered in individual sachets, making it super easy to enjoy on the go.


You won’t fully understand the many benefits of bone broth until you experience them for yourself. Bone Broth by Design was developed by Dr. Luiza Petre because she’s seen the benefits in her patients. Dr. Petre understands that for healthy food to work for her patients it must be accessible, which is why Bone Broth by design is offered in multiple portion sizes and flavors and is easily prepared. Learn more about or test out the benefits of bone broth for yourself, get Bone Broth by Design delivered to your door today!

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