5 Tips to Support Your Gut Health After the Holidays

5 Tips to Support Your Gut Health After the Holidays

5 Tips to Support Your Gut Health After the Holidays

After the holidays we all feel as if our metabolism has been hijacked. Somehow, after all of the tasty recipes, we can feel that we’ve lost control over our bodies.

The holiday cravings can make us eat foods we know can be bad for us, but we somehow can’t resist it. During the festivities, it seems like you are hungry all the time, even though you have just eaten. 

This can make you feel like all of your previous healthy lifestyle efforts or weight loss efforts are going down the drain. These feelings shouldn’t be pushed aside and replaced with excuses. They represent your body’s awareness that you need to take care of yourself. 

Read these next 5 tips that can help you restore your gut and your will power for leading a healthy life.

The Symptoms of An Unbalanced Gut

You probably already know that your body is a complex organism with lots of “systems”, working their way into making us healthy. Sometimes these “systems” tend to crash, but before that, they give us some symptoms as warnings that something needs to be changed.

Inflammation is a reaction from your immune system that creates all sorts of health problems throughout your body. When your immune system attacks an intruder in your body, the inflammation flashes up as a kind of side damage. This is one of the many reactions our body can have due to our unbalanced nurturing of it during the holidays.

Other symptoms that are a sign of an unhealthy gut may include:

  • abdominal pain
  • allergies
  • bloating and gas
  • constipation
  • change in mood
  • difficulty focusing
  • fatigue
  • feeling too full, like the food is not being digested
  • headache
  • low energy
  • nausea

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s definitely time for a change. A new approach that can support your gut not just after the holiday festivities, but in the long run as well.

1. Heal your Gut by Avoiding Certain Foods

The first step that you can do to protect and support your gut health is to start avoiding all of the foods that are doing you harm. 

This includes getting rid of sugar, eggs, soy, gluten, and dairy. 

2. Start Eating Better – Up Your Game With High-Fiber Foods!

It’s time to load up on some healthy foods. Foods that you should include in your diet are asparagus, carrots, garlic, peas, banana, artichoke, leeks, onion, radishes, and tomatoes. These are called high-fiber foods.

Green Broth by Design can be your best friend during this step of your healing process. It’s soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and it’s the perfect cup that will calm your gut and help you control your cravings.

Warm-up some water, pour in one of the single packets, and enjoy sipping a delicious, healthy broth!

3. Reduce Your Stress Levels and Heal Your Body

An unhealthy gut can sometimes be a result of leading a stressful life. To help relieve the stress we suggest brief meditations before your breakfast in the morning.

Trying out different meditation techniques focused on breathing can become a powerful moment in your morning routine that can help you focus and start your day right.

Moreover, these meditations will calm your body and reduce the havoc that’s inside.

4. Collagen Is Your New Best Friend

Time to boost your collagen! If you don’t already know, collagen-rich foods can be helpful when it comes not just to overall health, but gut health in particular.

Bone Broth is one of the richest foods in collagen. Broth by Design’s Bone Broth can be the perfect meal for everyone that’s searching for something convenient, but at the same time – healthy!

And even though there are several lifestyle adjustments you can make to support your gut health, this is one of the most delicious ones. Order yours today and try it for yourself!

Bone Broth by Broth by Design

5. Eat Only When You’re Hungry

We humans oftentimes eat even when we are not hungry, we create and crave foods that are not healthy for us. In addition, we tend to eat, and snack for almost every occasion. Sometimes it can look like we can’t even watch a movie without the occasional popcorn.

Even though we can sometimes find pleasure in eating these foods while cozying up with our families, it’s time to separate your meals accordingly, if you want to manage your gut health properly.

Prepare your food with love, buy products that are healthy for you, and visit the local market more often. Don’t rush and stuff food in your body, find time to enjoy each and every bite.

When you do this, in combination with the previous 4 tips, your body will start to digest the food properly and it will burn more fat.

Create a purpose in every meal of the day, and the unhealthy cravings will stop. Take one step at a time, and slowly but surely your body will follow and will lead you on the journey toward overall health and wellness.


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