Cooking Rice With Bone Broth

Rice and Bone Broth, the perfect combination for cooking

Cooking Rice With Bone Broth

If you like rice, then do yourself a favor and continue reading this blog post.

These are probably the best recipes that include the most versatile foods of all: rice and bone broth. 

Rice can be prepared in various ways, there’s fried rice, paella, rice pudding, and many other delicious dishes.

From old and traditional ways of incorporating bone broth into your cooking to the contemporary tasty recipes that can be prepared with rice and Bone Broth by Design.  

The ingredients used are easy to find, and even tough a true rice lover may already be up to speed on the wonderful cooking possibilities of the rice, nothing can make it healthier than preparing it with nutritious bone broth. So, keep reading and enjoy these wonderful recipes! 

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Rice and Cooking with Rice

Rice is a food that forms an essential part of the diet of many people worldwide. It is a staple food for many, especially in tropical Latin America, and East, South, and Southeast Asia making it the second-most consumed cereal grain.

With proper consumption, rice has the potential to improve nutrition, boost immunity, and support a long and healthy life.

There are many varieties of rice, but the main difference is between long- and medium-grain rice. 

The grains of long-grain rice tend to remain intact after cooking; medium-grain rice becomes more sticky and is used for sweet dishes, for risotto, and many Spanish dishes. 

Rice is prepared by boiling or steaming and absorbs water during cooking. It can be cooked in just as much water as it absorbs, or in a large quantity of water which is drained before serving.

In Arab cuisine, rice is part of many soups and dishes with fish, chicken, and other types of meat. It is also used to stuff vegetables and for making desserts when combined with milk, sugar, or honey.

Rissoto With Peas


6 tbsps butter
2 tbsp minced onion
1 cup of raw rice
½ cup dry white wine
2 cups of Bone Broth by Design ready
100g of parmesan cheese
2 cups of cooked peas


Heat 4 tbsps of butter in a saucepan, then add the minced onion and cook until it’s soft.

Add the rice and stir for a few minutes, then add the wine and afterward add the bone broth. Cover the saucepan and cook the ingredients until the broth is absorbed and the rice is cooked properly.

Stir everything by adding the additional 2 tbsps of butter, the peas, and the parmesan cheese. 

Chunky Chicken Rice Soup

For 6 Servings


200g cooked chicken
1 tbsp oil for frying
2 cups of Bone Broth by Design ready
200 g of frozen mixed vegetables
1 cup of rice
Salt and Pepper


First of all, you need to fry the chicken in hot oil until it gets brown. Then, add the bone broth, the vegetables, and the seasonings to taste and bring everything to a boil.

After a while, reduce the heat to low, cover the pot and let the ingredients simmer for 5 minutes. 

After it’s done let it sit for a few minutes before serving and enjoying your meal. 

Cooking rice with bone broth

Rice Casserole

This recipe is scrumptious and goes well with seafood.


1½ sticks butter
1 cup of rice or brown rice
½ pound (250g) fresh mushrooms
5 green onions, sliced
3 cups of Bone Broth by Design ready

Combine all ingredients, except the broth, in a pot, and cook until the rice is half done.  Then, add the bone broth and pour everything into a casserole. Bake covered for 90 minutes at 350°F (180°C). 

Wrapping Things Up

A diet rich in rice, beans, and grains is healthful because these foods are naturally low in fat and high in fiber. They offer enough protein, vitamins, and minerals to sustain our bodies. 

Rice can come in so many different varieties, flavors, and textures that it can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even as a dessert without aggravating boredom. 

Incorporating bone broth into your cooking can promote health benefits and help support your gut, provide you with needed nutrients, and help you when it comes to weight loss. Order yours today!

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