Ultimate Tips and Tricks on How to Get Fit at Home

Getting fit at home by using some of our tips

Ultimate Tips and Tricks on How to Get Fit at Home

When’s the last time you did some physical activity?
Maybe you went to the gym or exercised? Or you had a walk in nature with your pets?
If the answer is that you haven’t really done any of these, trust me you are not alone.

Sometimes we find it hard to enjoy exercising when we feel that we have a hectic schedule. And some days we rush to say various types of excuses that prevent us from staying fit and healthy.

When blaming situations and not lack of activity, you stop yourself from maintaining your ideal weight or losing some. Changing a lifestyle may come as a harder task, especially when you can’t or don’t feel like going to the gym.

Worry not! In this blog post, you can read some tips and tricks on how to stay fit from the comfort of your own home. Try these tips and let us know in the comments below if they’ve worked for you. Let’s start! 

Scheduling Your Exercises

Let’s say it’s the beginning of the week. Normally, you may be planning your schedule and have sorted various activities you should complete by the end of the week. 

These are tasks connected to work, errands, house chores. Now, a piece of good advice would be to set time aside to work out 3-4 times during that week. 

It doesn’t have to be too much, a simple light workout would be just fine. If you’re not a morning person, the best time to do your exercise would be after finishing work. 

Nowadays you may work from home and believe that you’re set when it comes to work/life balance. You work when you want to and set time for yourself when you want. 

Whatever your situation is, you somehow never managed to put exercise in your schedule. So next time, if you’re not starting work in the morning, don’t find yourself sitting at your desk waiting for 1 pm. Use your morning more productively. 

Seeing your scheduled workout on your calendar should make you want to scratch it off your to-do list, so when you finish every chore you won’t feel like you’re in no mood to exercise. Because who wants to head to the gym after a busy working day? 

Staying at home and doing your exercises would be much easier. 

Light Exercises You Can Do at Home

Here’s a list of 3 classic and easy exercises you should try at home, that should help you stay active and fit. 

  1. Squats 

Beginner: 20 reps
Intermediate: 45 reps
Advanced: 60 reps 

Repeat 3 times.
If you want to try it with weight, use milk or water bottles.

Example of a person doing squats at home


  1. Mountain Climbers 

Beginner: 10 reps
Intermediate: 35 reps
Advanced: 50 reps

Mountain Climbers

  1. Jumping Jacks 

Beginner: 30 seconds
Intermediate: 60 seconds
Advanced: 120 seconds

Repeat 2 times.

Example of a person doing jumping jacks

Workout: Cardio for Losing Weight

If you’re ready to achieve a beach body from home, then this is the simple routine you should try. You’ll be sweating extensively at the end of this routine, and doing it at home is easy because you don’t need any special equipment.


20 jumping jacks
30-sec high knees
30-sec butt kickers
5 jump squats


50-sec jumping jacks
15-sec rest/water
50-sec jumping jacks
15-sec rest
50-sec butt kicks
15-sec rest
50-sec butt kicks
15-sec rest/water
50-sec jumping jacks

After practicing this for a while, your exercising routine won’t be fallen aside. 

Don’t tell yourself that tomorrow you’ll start your home exercise program or that you’ll start to eat healthier. Put it in your calendar and stick to it.

Interesting Tips and Tricks That Will Help You Stay Fit at Home

Exercising can get boring at times, especially if you’re just starting. If you get bored, it’s mostly because you’re not having fun when exercising.

If this is you, then here are a few more options to consider:

Blast the Music and Dance

This a great tip to do some exercises at home, without even knowing you’re actually exercising.

There are endless videos on YouTube with Zumba or other interesting dancing routines you can try out and sweat it out on some of your favorite tunes.

If you’re looking for a workout to get your heart rate pumping and blast your calories off, then Tabata is perfect for you. 

This is an interval-based workout that is high-intensity and moves from one exercise to the next so quickly, that you’ll find it difficult to keep up or get bored! Check out some videos online and get straight to work!

This workout is completely bodyweight focused, so no equipment needed, making it ideal for doing at home.

Try hula-hooping: A fun exercise to stay fit

Try Hula Hooping

 Go out in your yard or clear some space in the living room and try having fun with your hula hoop! It’s fun and the exercising minutes will pass in no time!

Set a Cheat Day

Numerous diets nowadays have cheat days in their schedule. This usually involves a 24 hour period of eating whatever you want. These are things like pasta, fast food, and sweets.

When having a day when you can relax from ‘the burden’ of exercising and minding your diet, you’ll more easily follow it the other 6 days of the week.

Food Hacks That Will Keep You Fit

Soup is an amazing way to fill yourself up without adding calories to your diet. 

You can prepare the most delicious soup with your favorite veggies! How?

Blend vegetables with Bone Broth by Design ready and enjoy the healthy meal that will keep you full!

Other tips when it comes to eating healthier:

  • Replace rice with quinoa. It has more protein than white rice and it tastes similar. Also, it’s richer in fiber.
  • Replace vegetable oil with coconut oil. It’s a healthier option.
  •  Replace all of your flour with a gluten-free option or with something like coconut flour.
  • Replace mayonnaise with mustard. There’s no sugar or saturated fat there.
  • As a snack, prepare only fruits or air-popped popcorn!
  • Replace peanut butter with almond butter.
  • Replace regular milk with almond milk.

To Wrap Things Up

If you spend most of the time in the day sitting, these easy exercise and food tips will ensure that you’re on your way to a healthier you.

You don’t have to need a gym to achieve the body or healthiness you desire. All you need is determination and actions!

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