5 Chilled Soup Recipes With Broth for a Chill Summer

5 Chilled Soup Recipes With Broth for a Chill Summer

5 Chilled Soup Recipes With Broth for a Chill Summer

We all know bone broth can be excellent for your health and nutrition, but what happens during the summer? Don’t worry, the miracle food that comes with great benefits can also be incorporated in your summer diet!

With summer right around the corner, the temperatures increase, and our willingness to eat hot broths decreases. Nevertheless, if you want to take care of your body and provide it with nutritional value, trying out different ways to incorporate bone broth in your life can bring you excellent results.

In this blog post, you can read 5 recipes for chilled soups made with bone broth. Nothing says healthy more than a summer dish made with bone broth. Always remember that increased temperatures shouldn’t be a problem when it comes to taking care of your health! 


1. Healthy Summer Elixir

If we think about healthy remedies that were passed down from generation to generation, we immediately think bone broth! 

Its content supports the immune system and helps us feel energized and vital. Having bone broth by your side in the summer is a great way to take care of your health and the health of your loved ones.

The regular consumption of bone broth in all seasons can allow you to age gracefully because of the collagen. Try it and see for yourself.

Ingredients for this healthy elixir for the whole family:

4 sachets of Bone Broth by Design ready;

2 leeks, chopped;

3 medium scallions, chopped;

2 cloves of garlic;

1 piece of root ginger, peeled and grated;

Thyme, oregano or bay leaf and parsley according to taste;

2 liters of water.


Put the sachets of Bone Broth into the water, add the remaining ingredients, and bring them to a boil. 

After it’s done, turn off the heat and allow it to cool off. Then strain everything, pressing all the juice out of the vegetables.

Discard the vegetables and herbs, then transfer the broth into the refrigerator. Skim any fat off the top of the broth in the morning and use it as a summer remedy. 

It will be safe in the fridge for a few days, or you can freeze it for later use, so you can cure any cold you might catch during the summer days.

A cup of chilled soup made with bone broth


2. Quick Gazpacho on a Hot Day

Make a quick gazpacho on a hot day by putting this mix in the blender:

Some ripe tomatoes;

Red or bell peppers;

Cucumber ;

A sachet of Green Broth by Design;

A spoonful of vinegar and olive oil;

White bread that’s previously been soaked in cold water for 20 minutes.

After you’ve blended everything, put it in the fridge until it’s chilled.
Voila! You can enjoy your perfect summer days with some tasty gazpacho!


3. Chilled Soup for a Hot Summer Day

The benefits of this soup are huge, as all the nutrients found in the Bone Broth by Broth by Design support the gut and its detoxification processes. Try this, and we promise it will become your favorite chilled summer soup!


Bone Broth or Green Broth by Design ready;

2 avocados;

Freshly squeezed lemon juice;

Cilantro leaves;

A pinch of cumin.


Put the mix in a blender and you’ll end up with a wonderfully textured mixture.
Next, chill the mixture in the fridge and serve it on a hot summer day. Cheers!

Summer detoxification with chilled soups made with bone broth


4. Spinach Soup With Bone Broth

This lovely green soup is perfect in spring and summer when spinach is plentiful and you want something fresh-tasting and light. 


2 tbsp olive oil;

1 large onion, chopped;

1 large potato, peeled and diced;

1 liter of Green Broth by Design ready;

Thyme and fresh rosemary;

1 kg of spinach leaves, chopped;

Freshly squeezed lemon juice;

Salt and black pepper.


Heat the oil in a large pan and cook the onion and potato over until tender. Add the green broth and bring them to boil, then turn down the heat to medium, add the herbs, and cook gently for 15–20 minutes.

Cook the spinach for 2–3 minutes until its tender but still has a vibrant green color. Transfer the soup to a blender and blend it until it’s smooth. 

Return to the pan with the onion, potatoes, and broth and add the lemon juice and the salt and pepper. 

When everything is cooled off, add the blended mixture to the soup and get ready to enjoy your spinach soup! 


5. Refreshing Detox Bone Broth Soup

For a refreshing detox drink, prepare some Bone Broth by Design in a pan and add a selection of flavorings, such as grated or shredded fresh root ginger, a few sliced lemons, some chopped cilantro, chopped mint, and freshly squeezed lime juice. 

Cook it for a bit and then after it’s cooled off, add it into your fridge! In the morning, you can enjoy your refreshing, detoxifying drink. 


Wrapping Things Up

No matter the weather, or the season, having bone broth incorporated into your daily routine will help you lead a healthier lifestyle. 

These simple recipes can be done in no time, or if you are in a hurry just grab a cup of chilled Bone Broth by Design and be instantly ready to seize the day.

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