Get Bone Broth in Your Pantry to Boost Immunity

A person boosting his immune system with a cup of bone broth

Get Bone Broth in Your Pantry to Boost Immunity

To get straight to the point, we’re all worried about getting sick now. Oftentimes even a common cold can keep us away from our everyday life. And in times like this, it’s an excellent idea to stock up good old fashioned Broth in your pantry. 

Wonder why? Well, besides the extended shelf life, it can easily become a nourishing addition to our daily routine that can improve our overall mood. At the same time, Bone Broth can help with boosting immunity, and getting on our feet faster. Investing in good health through a balanced and nutritious diet should always be a priority for all of us. The reality is that more often than not, it’s a real challenge to manage time and get proper nutrition.

As people stock up on supplies, consider isolating themselves from humanity, and keep the news on in the background 24/7, we are doing our best to keep our immune system boosted by eating healthily, getting as much sleep as possible, and making sure we are getting our fill of vitamins and minerals. Our desire is, that if we can’t avoid the germs entirely, at least our bodies should be better prepared to deal with them. As you can imagine, the positive effects of adding bone broth to our daily routine, play a key role in our efforts to keep ourselves healthy. 

Healthy Protein Soup

An ancient superfood that traditional cultures and trained chefs have been using for ages, Bone Broth recently regained popularity. Modern culture is finally catching up to what traditional cultures have known for years, that Bone Broth is an inexpensive and versatile source of nutrients. Our grandmothers chuckle now, as they used to keep a pot of broth simmering, having an easy base for soups and other recipes. 

Bone Broth in a cup with different varieties of vegetables around it.


Bone Broth can be easily and simply made by boiling bones (beef, chicken, fish, etc) in water with acid and many spices, vegetables, and herbs. Then boils for as little as 2 or up to 48 hours, which has been more common in order to preserve more protein. But with our crazy busy lifestyle, we all need shortcuts that we can feel good about. So we found Broth By Design, an all-natural, non-GMO, non-perishable version of Bone Broth and vegan Green Broth that you can always keep on hand. Healthy made delicious!

Why Is Bone Broth Good For You

Chicken soup has always been a go-to remedy when feeling ill. With modern research, we are now starting to understand how regular Bone Broth consumption can have a key role in our immune health. We profoundly understand now how a strong immune system starts from the gut.

Bone Broth is especially helpful because of the high gelatin and collagen content that supports the gut health and the amino acids that help reduce inflammation.

Rich in Protein

Protein can revive those achy and sore muscles when you’re sick. Our body uses it to build strength and keep what you already have. Since it’s averting to consume and digest when feeling down, having a cup of Broth by Design that actually contains rocketing 10 grams of protein it’s definitely a quick and simple solution.

Easy to Digest

Having fibers and starches removed, Bone Broth is easily digestible and highly bioavailable. It can also help digestion by supporting the mucosal lining of the digestive tract, so your body won’t have to waste energy digesting this nourishing drink instead of healing itself.

Necessary Amino Acids

Bone Broth is an excellent source that’s loaded with amino acids which are often difficult to get from a diet alone. Cysteine helps thin out the mucus in the lungs, Glycine supports blood sugar regulation and digestion, and Glutamine protects our gut health. Broth by Design contains over 18 essential Amino Acids!

A bowl of broth with green vegetables next to it.

Quick and Easy Way to Use

Bone Broth is not just hearty and nutritious, but extremely versatile. It can easily become a scrumptious ingredient to soups and stews, veggies can be cooked in it for an extra boost, can be a go-to base for gravy and sauces. Or simply in a mug by itself as a warm drink, our bodies will be so grateful.

Order now, warm-up some water, and try to relax.

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