Broth from the Heart

Broth from the Heart

Broth from the Heart

Thanksgiving, that wonderful time of the year when families get together to share the holiday love is round the corner!

But what does Thanksgiving smell like?

It smells like memories. The moment you enter the room, you catch that all-enveloping scent of the all-too-familiar dinner. And all those great childhood memories start pouring in.

There are the kids, your significant other, your parents, your uncles, and aunts. Everyone is here, ready to enjoy a great family dinner.

You sit on the table packed with all kinds of deliciousness. Potatoes, stuffing, roasted squash, sweet rolls, apple, and pumpkin pies… And of course, the thing everybody wants – THE TURKEY. You can’t even wait to dig in.

Thanksgiving is About Sharing

This wonderful American tradition brings everyone together on the table for a bountiful dinner. In fact, it is one of the few times in the year when families get together. The core spirit of Thanksgiving is being grateful for what we have and to share with others.

This includes memories, experiences, and, of course, material goods.

Many People Can’t Afford Turkey for Thanksgiving

Sadly, such is not the case with many disadvantaged people. For them, Thanksgiving is just another day being hungry and without shelter. And the number of families that can’t afford a proper dinner for Thanksgiving is huge.

We know there are many of you who donate canned food and packages throughout the year. But the Thanksgiving spirit just urges people to do more.

What Can You Do to Help?

Below are a few great ways to help others for Thanksgiving!

Donate to a Food Bank

A great way to help people in need at Thanksgiving is to simply donate money to local food banks. This is a great and simple way that counts. Some of you may want to volunteer, but the food banks don’t actually have the time to train every volunteer. This is why donating food is great, because it takes the strain from both you and food banks.

You can find a list of your local food banks on Feeding America’s website.

Participate in Charity Events

Charity events, like races and walks, are a great way to help raise funds for charity while burning calories. There are many events of this type throughout the country. But if we are to choose, we suggest you check out the Thanksgiving Day Race Cincinnati and the Turkey Trot races around the country.

Volunteer at a Food Bank or a Red Kettle Campaign

Each Thanksgiving, food banks and soup kitchens offer volunteering opportunities for people who want to help. This includes serving meals during the holiday and cleaning up dishes. You can find your local food banks by following the link above.

An alternative to this is to participate in the Red Kettle Campaign that helps raise money for the hungry during holidays. You can register to become a bell ringer in your community and collect donations in your local public centers.

Lastly, you can serve meals to veterans with the Department of Veteran Affairs.

On Thanksgiving, Our Humanity Matters!

When we founded Broth by Design, our goal was not only to help people with well-being and nutritious living. We also wanted to contribute to a better society.

This is why we announce the “Broth from the Heart” initiative.

The Goal of Broth from the Heart

This Thanksgiving, together with our community, we want to help everyone have a warm meal. That’s why we will give away our bone broths to people to have something to eat on the go whenever they feel hungry.

Let’s help communities that have the biggest need! This will be the first year we host this event, and it would be great if it becomes a tradition. We will start in NYC, and hopefully, go nation-wide in the future!

No matter whether you’re a returning customer or a new one, everyone can take part in this initiative.

How to Take Part in Broth from the Heart?

Simple – just order any of our products. That way, with every sale, we’ll be able to donate some of our bone broths to help those in need have a great Thanksgiving! With each 5 broth jars or boxes purchased, we’ll donate one to charity.

Together, we will make this Thanksgiving about sharing and caring

With each purchase, you are not only looking after your wellbeing, but contributing for someone not being hungry! You are feeling good and doing good!

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