Drinking Bone Broth as a Lifestyle

Drinking Bone Broth as a Lifestyle

Drinking Bone Broth as a Lifestyle

I’m sure older people (probably your grandma) have shared old wives’ tales with you about how to be healthier throughout your life.

In this article, we want to touch one of those tales that modern times confirmed to be true. The tale about bone broth.

We can assume that granny didn’t know why exactly a bone broth diet makes you feel better when afflicted by a cold, but nevertheless, she was certain that it would do the magic.

But, how did she knew?

To put it plainly, it’s because her grandma knew it, and so did that grandma’s grandma.

In fact, studies show that our hunter-gatherer ancestors regularly consumed bone broth. And when you think about it, it does make sense. Successful hunts were so rare that it would be unreasonable to throw away any part of the animal. Today, the usual practice is to eat the meat and just dispose of the bones. However, that just wasn’t an option in those hard-won moments.
The only reasonable option they were left with was to absorb the unique set of nutrients from bones through bone broth.

All of that goodness that helps you recover when we’re sick can also be a proactive part of our overall health. Turns out, bone broths have a positive impact on your skin, bones, brain, muscles…everything!

That’s why the bone broth diet comes as a totally ridiculous idea. It looks too good to be true. But it is actually totally on point.

Bone Broth Diet Plan

The idea of a full-blown bone broth diet plan appeared in the public with the release of the 2015 book “Bone Broth Diet” by naturopathic doctor Kellyann Petrucci. Since then, there are different forms of Petrucci’s diet protocol that echoed across the internet.

Petrucci created a 21-day bone broth diet plan that didn’t limit the consumption to only bone broth. In fact, the original diet combined five days of low-carb, paleo-style eating (Chiao grains and dairy!). The bone broth came in the second half of the match. The last two days are where the person would consume mainly bone broth with limited or zero additional food.

People choose this diet plan because by cutting out potentially problematic grains, sugars, and processed foods, and loading up on nutritious whole foods they rebalance their health.

Benefits of the Bone Broth Diet

In her book, Kellyann Petrucci states that the bone broth diet promotes youthful-looking skin, improved gut health, reduced inflammation, and weight loss.

Can this actually be true?

If you ask Niles and Elena Villanueva, D.C., a holistic doctor and founder of Modern Holistic Health, these claims may not be that far off.

According to Villanueva, Petrucci’s bone broth diet is paleo-inspired, which means that your intake is based on whole foods-like vegetables and nuts. As a consequence, you eliminate preservatives, chemicals, and added sugar.
This whole-food approach, for many people, means they take in more vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. This can support their gut, skin and immune health. As a plus of this diet is the complete cutting of carbs which this diet ultimately does that leads to greater fat loss than other types of diets says Villanueva.
Regarding the last two days of bone “broth fasting” each week, Niles says: “Various forms of fasting (including calorie restriction and intermittent fasting) might help support autophagy. Autophagy is the process through which the body clears out old cells and produces new cells.
Because fasting also denies the body of carbohydrates to burn as body fuel, it can also “put the body in a more of a ketogenic state, in which it uses fat for fuel”. Usually, that “fatty fuel” is your own body fat, which contributes to your body’s fat-burning ability over time.

We created a list of the most important benefits of consuming bone broth.


Benefits of the Bone Broth Diet

Top 5 Benefits of Bone Broth

1. Strengthen Immune System

Let’s begin with the #1 reason we consume bone broth: to boost our immunity and knock out any illness. Fact or fiction? Definitely fact. It’s a multi-pronged effect.

  • Lowers inflammation: Multiple studies showed how chicken soup can act as an anti-inflammatory and lower sickness symptoms
  • Produces antioxidant power: Bone broth consists proline, which behaves as an antioxidant in the body and glycine lowers all that oxidative stress
  • Boosts essential minerals and amino acids: Instead of swallowing a multivitamin, you’re sipping a “multi-mineral” and “multi-amino-acid” – in natural form. Our body loves multivitamins but it loves nutrient-dense foods even more. Bone broth is the peak food in nutrient density.

2. Boost Gut Health

This benefit is directly tied in with the previous one, because most of the immune system is actually in your gut. This makes the bone broth diet a gut-healing diet.

Bone broth is very calming and nourishing to a sick or leaky gut. Many amino acids and minerals of bone broth are anti-inflammatory in nature. Not only that, but they can also help in managing the mucus in your gut that protects your intestines and balances your gut microbiome.

3. Improve Digestion

Yes, we just talked about the overall gut, but it’s important to break down some of the ways bone broth can improve your digestive tract.
– The bone broth glycine helps your body properly digest food by stimulating stomach acid
– Bone broth has gelatin that can make your gut motility better, improve your bowel movements, and aid those with food allergies or sensitivities (these are becoming more and more common)
– Bone broth is filled with collagen that can lower your risk of inflammatory bowel disease by protecting that gut lining

4. Get Better Skin

Many people are already aware that collagen is the magic ingredient that can help your skin stay young and firm. That’s the main reason why you find it listed in so many skincare products. There are studies showing that the internal consumption of collagen can improve skin elasticity as well. It goes further than beauty. The collagen in a bone broth can help you heal wounds and regenerate tissue more quickly. Plus, the gelatin can reduce UV damage.

5. Improve Cardiovascular Health

Another essential benefit of a bone broth diet is heart health. Glycine that can be found in bone broth balances something called methionine. When you have too much methionine in your system, your chance of heart disease goes up.

To Wrap Up

So, the bone broth diet can help out just about every part of your body. It’s the perfect addition to a holistic wellness lifestyle. Healing up that leaky gut and boosting your immunity are essential pieces of the health puzzle – all the extra added benefits are the icing on the cake.
Have you ever tried bone broth? How do you like to eat it? How did it make you feel?
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