Why Was Grandma’s Cooking so Memorable?

A grandmother and her niece cooking with bone broth

Why Was Grandma’s Cooking so Memorable?

Who makes the best dishes?
We bet that the first person that popped in your mind is your dear grandmother! Grandmas have one secret ingredient that they use in all of their recipes, and that’s LOVE!
Nothing can compare to this love, warmth, and compassion that she has for you and the entire family. The same love that is shown through everything she creates. A delicious meal that can make even your worst days better is just one of the ways you know she lives you.

Awake the Feeling of Being a Happy Child

Do you remember the days when you would run home from school, or from being out, playing with your friends?
And suddenly, that unique scent that makes your instantly hungry appears.
You haven’t even reached the house and you already feel the sweet aroma of your grandma’s cooking spreading across the street.
You run through the door only to be greeted by a sweet caring smile.
There’s the food that you know will be delicious just by looking at it. The steam gently coming out of the full plate inviting you to take a spoonful.
Grandma’s delicious broth is waiting for you to eat every last drop of it.
And finally, you dig in. Even though your belly is full, the delicious taste invites you for more.
Through every sip, you feel the love and effort put into this deliciousness grandma made for you.
And then you hear:

“You’re so thin! Are you sure you don’t want more? Here, eat!”

And you say:

“No thank you, I’m full”


“Only one more plate, eat it while it’s still hot. You’re so skinny!”

The passion and the love poured into the delicious food lingers in your heart even though the last time you ate it was so, so long ago.

The Same Meal, as if Your Grandma Made It.

Would you believe us if we say that we have a solution for all of you who miss Grandma’s cooking? Or maybe you just want to impress her with a meal as good as hers?
Here’s what you could do!
You could make your very own bone broth in just a few minutes.
We’ve perfected our grandma’s recipe to be instantly available for everyone, and managed to keep it as tasty and as irresistibly delicious as if our grandma made it. This delicious bone powder can turn into a flavorful broth as quickly as your grandma walks through the door. We created a unique formula that keeps everything in the powder, as if the broth was just simmered. Most importantly, the taste doesn’t suffer. Countless tasting sessions and ingredient selection processes went into this, and we can assure you it’s awesome.
Add hot water, stir, take a spoonful and “Boom”. The memories of being a careless child enjoying a wonderful meal at grandma’s are back. The wonderful scent and taste that you would only get from your grandmother’s cooking, available in minutes.
What we created is our grandma’s recipe in a sachet. The same traditional meal that has been around for centuries, kept in our family for generations.

Taste Matters!

We made sure the recipe is made only from premium quality ingredients. This way, all health benefits that bone broth brings are there, even the exquisite taste. Every sip is full with natural collagen, amino acids, and minerals, making it perfect for everyone, no matter the age.

Our bone broth is a homage to the love a single loving person had toward her grandchildren.

Surprise your family and yourself.

With the Bone Broth by Design, you get a superfood that’s a modern twist to an old tradition. We hope it will help you bring back memories of a careless childhood as it helps us with every sip. Memories from grandma’s home, and our childhood that was so long ago… Memories as if it happened yesterday.

Cherish the memories of times long gone, and create new memories to be remembered for the time to come. Bring happiness to everyone around you. Ensure the wellbeing of your loved ones. Make your grandma happy that you’re going to use this old recipe, we know that she’ll be thrilled that you’re eating healthy.
We know that by having you read this, we’ve made our grandma happy, because with our bone broth, we’ve made this idea live forever.

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