Alvaro de

With Broth By Design to help his overall wellbeing, starting on August 10th from Seville in Spain, Alvaro de Marichalar is on a historic solo round the world expedition.


Sipping our hot broths to find comfort and strength on his 3m craft Numancia vessel, Alvaro is honouring the explorers Magellan and Elcano, and their 500 anniversary of the first circumnavigation.


For more than 3 decades, Alvaro has completed around 40 important maritime navigations. He holds Guinness World Records for crossing with his 3m craft from Rome to New York, or Hong Kong to Tokyo.

ALVARO DE MARICHALAR and irina peterson
Many thanks to Irina Peterson who gave me words of precious encouragement.
I'm positive that sipping Broth By Design will benefit me a lot during this challenge!

Alvaro de Marichalar y Saenz de Tejada

Spanish aristocrat, extreme navigator and multiple Guinness World Records holder

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Broth by Design is an authentic brand, respectful of and close to nature, with a human touch behind. The concept is leveraging nature’s goodness to benefit modern and active lifestyles!

Lynsi Wavra and irina peterson


Lynsi Wavra and our co-founder Irina Peterson, navigated over 2000 nautical miles between Galapagos and Easter Island.


Following their passion for adventure, Lynsi and Irina were chosen from over 10,000 candidates to be part of the eXXpedition crew, a women only navigators group.  


They were on an environmental and scientific mission, raising awareness for the microplastic invasion of our oceans. During the 20 day mission Lynsi and Irina, along with the rest of the crew enjoyed sipping our hot broths.


Broth by Design helped them keep their straight and lifted their spirit during the mission.

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